Naturally Yours will be Selling Ranger Inks as a fundraiser

Naturally Yours will be selling Ranger Inks as a fundraiser for The Gourd Gathering at Cherokee

The Gourd Gathering at Cherokee has always supported the gourd community. Since its beginnings in 2003, the gathering has tried to provide affordable classes, a relaxed setting, and a platform to share ideas. Currently Cherokee is the largest gourd gathering on the East Coast. Although we are not an organized gourd society it is our responsibility to promote, educate, and  share so our gourd community continues to grow.

Over the years the Gathering has reached out to help others. In 2017 we sponsored our first fundraiser, with the monies raised donated to the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts to help rebuild from the fire that destroyed so much in Gatlinburg. In 2018 we donated eight  $100 class scholarships to state gourd societies. Last year (2019) we raised money to help people attend and take classes in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the corona virus outbreak, the 2020 Gourd Gathering was canceled. The twelve people who received class scholarships will be able to use the money in 2021.

Looking forward to 2021, our plan is to offer a gourd class to students in the fifth grade attending Cherokee Elementary school or a neighboring elementary school from Swain or Jackson county. To raise funds for this activity we are selling Ranger Alcohol Alloy Inks at a discounted rate until May 31st, with profits going to the 2021 activity. Our goal is $500.

To for information and compare prices go to the gathering's website.