Winter Weave In

Harford Community College
March 10th

Are you tired of gray skies and rainy days. Spend a day with Reagan Bitler and Suzi Nonn working on a weaving project. This is not a formal class where everyone weaves the same thing. Suzi will bring reed, seagrass, and glass crow beads and individuals will construct their own weaving. Participants must bring their own gourd. Suzi will be available to help with twining, twill, undulating, and rims.

A perfect day to shake off the "winter blues".

Cost: $25.00

Send an email ( to reserve your spot. Please use "Winter Weave In" for the Subject Line.



Kudzu, Copper, & Batik

South Carolina Gourd Festival
April 27th - 28th
Ghost Creek Gourd Farm,Laurens, SC


Maryland Gourd Days
May 3rd-6th
Harford Community College, MD  


Are you looking for a class that is unusual, different and exciting? Well, then this class is for you. The class is about combining unusual materials for weaving. The woven gourd will use copper for the spokes and a combination of kudzu and Indonesian batik for the weavers. Kudzu is the vine that has invaded the East Coast, smothering everything in its path. What a wonderful way to use a plant not indigenous to this area. Indonesian batik is a soft cotton material with a design that is strong on both sides of the fabric.

The instructor will supply everything for the class - a gourd that has already been cleaned, sealed inside, and the spokes inserted. The class time will be used in weaving the kudzu and the batik together, to make this unique gourd.


Country Seat Class

Kempton, PA
May 18th - 19th

Friday Morning
9:00 - 12:30

The Spiral Rim


Description: Looking for a different rim for your gourd bowls? Spend a few hours learning how to weave a spiral rim.  Once you learn how to mark your gourd you can spiral from the top to the bottom, or just once around the top. If you want to finish the project in class I suggest you spiral once.






Friday Afternoon
1:00 - 5:00

It's a Puzzling Gourd

Cost: $35.00


This is a great introduction in using the Micro Lux Mini Saw. Practice cutting rings to make a wonderful puzzle piece.



Saturday Morning
9:00 - 12:30

Ginkgo Leaves on the Rim

Cost: $35.00


Saturday Afternnon
1:00 - 5:00



Draw, cut, and color your own fish. This is a great project for improving your skills with the Micro Lux Mini Saw.

Wooly Trees

Create an unique tabletop tree to display your favorite mini-gourd ornaments. Feather trees were originally created by twisting bird feathers on wires to create branches and then attaching to a tree trunk. In this class students will substitute felted wool for feathers.