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Using a gourd as a form, participants will learn different ways to weave around the gourd surface. Techniques will include weaving, twining, three-rod wale, and my favorite "hairy weaving". We will also create undulating hills and valleys to add interested to the gourd basket. The gourd-basket will be embellished with beads and natural materials.




Florida Gourd Festival - February 28th - FULL

Missouri Gourd Festival -

Kentucky Gourd Festival -

Wooly Trees

Create an unique tabletop tree to display your favorite mini-gourd ornaments. Feather trees were originally created by twisting bird feathers on wires to create branches and then attaching to a tree trunk. In this class students will substitute felted wool for feathers.




Cut OutsStudents will start with a martin gourd (10 to 11 inches in diameter) that is already cleaned inside and out. Using a compass, students will draw a circle. Patterns of ginkgo leaves will be arranged and drawn through the circle. Areas will be cut out, gingko leaves enhanced with simple line cuts, dyed and gilder's paste added for highlights. The inside of the gourd will be painted black to create the silhouette.

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Do you love lots of color? Do you love texture contrasts?  This workshop incorporates basketry techniques woven on the outside of a gourd.  The "Hairy" techniques allows for color and texture changes while still being able to hide all the ends of reed. Weaving on the outside of a gourd gives a clean inside look.  The project starts with 3 rod wale weaving with the insertion of "hairs".

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